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17 March 2017: SASCRO, the South African Society of Clinical and Radiation Oncology, has issued the following statement:

There are commercial Institutions promoting so-called Next Generation Photodynamic Therapy (NGPDT).
They claim to be able to effectively treat patients with widespread metastatic disease using oral PDT and external application of a light source.
Such claims are not supported by scientific evidence – nor would they be expected to be effective.
SASCRO is opposed to the use of this technique in this patient population who are understandably vulnerable to unfounded claims of effective treatment.

A statement from SASCRO has been added to the SASCRO website for reference purposes when encountering claims on NGPDT. It may be found at

A copy of the statement may be downloaded here: SASCRO Statement on NGPDT

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  1. Salome Meyer
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    In a time where private health care is so expensive and public health care is so crippled am remain amazed by the human beings ability to deal with it’s own certainty of death that is there for all of us and the need to search, scientifically or not for anything that would prolong life. Happiness is what we make of it ourselves and fulfilment of life equally so. I am 1000% sure NO person in the public sector that has to face the impact of cancer has to grabble with the concept and cost and effectiveness of NGPDT. Thank you for the scientific evidence.

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